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Reviews of "White Passage: Red Sun" by Matt Rowe

This book brought back memories of what it was like to participate in Counter Drug Operations in the Southern Command area of Operations. Matt Rowe gets the details right about what it was like for Special Forces to operate against the Drug Cartels in this part of the world. 
-Sergeant First Class Robert Marchesello, US Army Special Forces (Ret.) 

"Good historical fiction often depicts reality better than traditional history. Matt Rowe reaches this level of literary excellence in his novel White Passage: Red Sun. He captures the essence of the threats, challenges, and opportunities faced by U.S. Special Forces soldiers involved in assisting friendly countries eradicate ruthless drug cartels and defeat violent insurgents. The book puts the reader in the middle of the action where young Special Forces troops try to balance U.S. objectives with local politics in order to reach mutually acceptable outcomes. A great read
-Colonel Hy S. Rothstein, US Army Special Forces (Ret.) 
      Author of
"Afghanistan & The Troubled Future of Unconventional Warfare" 

"Superb story, told with the authority of a Special Forces soldier who has been there. Matt Rowe perfectly describes the excitement, the hardships, and the feelings of conflict on the edge of the world. This exceptional book is highly recommended." 
-Colonel Kevin M. Higgins, US Army Special Forces (Ret.) 

"I purchased the book on Amazon for my boyfriend. He served on the 82nd Airborne until 1993. He has enjoyed the reading and has been transported to a very significant time in his life." - Monique Vargas 

"We bought your book...impressed by your writing as well as what you have done with your life. Good job!" -Gail Myers Young

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