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Synopsis of "White Passage: Red Sun" by Matt Rowe


February 1989.  Captain Brian Halloran and his Special Forces team deploy to a remote jungle valley in Peru to establish a base for training elite Peruvian counter-narcotics police.  Not only are they threatened by violent narco-traffickers, but they face possible attack by the ruthless Shining Path insurgents operating in the valley.  Making matters worse, they quickly realize that powerful political forces may be conspiring to ensure their mission fails.  


A brilliant young guerrilla leader, Comrade Olivario, commands the most lethal force the insurgents have ever fielded.  He must establish the Shining Path as the preeminent political power in the valley, and to do this he must eliminate every threat—including the Green Berets. The stakes are high, and Olivario's plan will not only decide who controls the valley, but very likely the fate of the woman he loves.  


Straight from the headlines, White Passage: Red Sun details the motivation behind US involvement in the drug war, and accurately describes the tenuous relationship between the drug Cartels and various terrorist insurgencies.  The exciting story explains the powerful influence of global political events on the “drug war” and exposes the inner workings of one of the most misunderstood conflicts of our time.

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